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on Google Local Search
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We rank your law firm
And we won’t work for your competitors
Capture the Most
Organic Views
More Effective
than Paid Ads.
Rank in the Local Search Position
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Below the Map Sucks

TOP THREE—The Local Pack

Most Visible. Most Trusted. Most Valuable.

Page One Below the Map? Close but not quite.
Consumers are more likely to click on what they see first—The Top Three “Local Pack,” on the Google Map with displayed reviews.
Be in the Right Place at the Right Time
Sure there are a lot of other ways to advertise your law firm but we’re all about Search Intent. Be the first name people see at the time they want to make a call.
We’re Not the Usual SEO
SEO services might get your business close to the Top Three—eventually, while charging you month after month. We’ll get you to the Top Three in weeks or there’s no fee.

We Get Your Law Firm Ranking in the Local Pack

You’ll Rank Top Three or There’s No Fee

We work to get your Law Firm in the Local Pack, the Top Three on the Google Map in Local Search.
And there’s no fee unless we do it.

Wait, there’s more. Once we’ve worked with you, we won’t work with any of your competitors in your area. Nope.

Statistics prove, people are most likely to call one of the first listings they see.

Don’t make people work hard to find you because they probably won’t. Get in front of their eyes right away! A high level of visibility increases the likelihood that potential clients will call your firm. Statistics further show that people trust organic search results more than paid ads and contact organic listings more often than paid listings.*

What does it take to crack the Local Pack and get in the Top Three?

Does it take one of those really tricked-out, high-end websites that costs a fortune? Does it take spending thousands every month on Google Ads? Is it about putting valuable hours into posting on social media or writing blog posts? No, actually. And paying somebody month after month for SEO is strictly for suckers. Not you. Definitely not you.

We Take a Targeted Approach

 Reputable SEO techs will tell you “climbing to the top is a marathon, not a sprint” and they’re right. Beyond just making it to page one of Google, you could spend money month after month on social media management, blogging, and various optimization services and your law firm STILL might not make it to the Top Three Local Pack.

 We’ve developed a set of custom and proprietary strategies, focused solely on what ranks a local firm in the Top Three Local Pack for transactional Local Search. We’ve found they can be the game changers—and they can start working to rank your business to the top in weeks, not months or years. We’re so confident we can do what others can’t, we work on contingency.

It costs you nothing to put us to the test.
If we can’t rank your Law Firm in the Top Three Local Pack, there’s no fee.

Everything You Want to Know

Got Questions?
We Got Answers!

Need to know more? Hit us up!

Rank Top Three or There’s No Fee! We charge a one-time fee and you don’t pay unless we get you ranking in the Top Three, the “Local Pack,” on the Google Map. Factor in any current expenses that you could cut back or possibly eliminate completely in paid advertising, leads buying, or premium subscriptions with Avvo, Justia, etc. With that in mind, how many new clients would it take to cover our one-time fee of $5000? There’s no risk to sign with us to see if we can get your firm ranking in the Top Three Local Pack on the Google Map for the legal practice area and within the geographical area that will be specified in a contract. If we get you in the Top Three, we accept cash, checks, credit cards, or Bitcoin.
Do you want potential clients to find you online? If you do a Google search for firms in your practice area, do your competitors show up in the rankings above you? We can work with you! If the cost of any current advertising or promotion hasn’t been delivering a positive ROI or your website and current SEO strategies just aren’t getting you in front of enough prospective clients, the visibility of a Local Pack ranking has the potential to transform your law firm!

OK wait. We do have to point out, we can’t work with “General Practice” firms. Pick your top practice area and we can work with that. Call us, we’ll explain it to you.
We’re ethical and we’re not idiots. We’re not going to work our butts off for you and then try to compete with our own work! We will not sign with a client’s competitor in any area where that client ranks in the Local Pack in the Top Three on the Google Map. But remember, if one of your competitors signs with us first, then you are the competitor we’d have to turn down. We’re sure we’d like you better so call us NOW!
Whatever SEO services you may be using, we use our own strategies, focused on ranking your law firm in the Top Three Local Pack. We’d be happy to discuss what we do with your SEO tech. We’re quite confident they’re not already doing anything we’ll do for you. Bottom line, if other services haven’t gotten your Law Firm to the Top Three Local Pack, we’ll work to get you there—in weeks, not months or years. If we don’t, you won’t owe us a penny.
SHOCKER—We’d like people to see you in the Google Local Pack and just call or get directions right then! Without even needing to see your website! The truth is, your website really just needs to support what we will do. We might request some edits to the site and we’re all good. If you need a website or want to change from the old one, we can discuss arrangements for a cost-effective, ranking-focused site. AND THERE’S A BONUS: You get to know that everybody who spends a fortune on their website is a big sucker. And you’ll rank higher anyway! HA! Losers!
Your directory or review site listing will NEVER be in the Top Three Local Pack. The visibility of the Local Pack will ALWAYS be better AND generally more trusted than a listing the public sees as a paid ad. Being in a directory like Avvo, Justia, or Lawyers.com doesn’t hurt but we recommend that you use the FREE listing. If you’re in the Top Three Local Pack, you can QUIT PAYING for a premium directory or review site listing! You get a thumbnail photo in rotation with a bunch of your competitors. Come on, that’s not good enough for you!
We’ll get you ranking in the Top Three Local Pack on the Google Map or you pay nothing. Will your phone start ringing off the hook? Will your appointment slots fill up? Visibility helps. Statistically, the first few law firm listings that people see in a Google Local Search get the highest response.* So your chances of getting more calls and inquiries will be greatly improved! But can we guarantee specific consumer response to your increased visibility? No, we can’t. We also can’t guarantee that you’ll appear in Local Search rankings farther away from your location. If you want to try ranking in other geographical areas, we have specific strategies that might interest you. Contact us, we’ll talk. If we don’t think we can help you, we’ll be all bummed out.
Find out in their own words! Scroll down and keep reading!
Local pack
Our Clients Tell Us

Business is Freakin’ Great at the Top

Joan Fenstermaker
“We climbed to number one on Google Map and we’ve stayed there. We can barely keep up with the calls, my phone rings almost non-stop.”

Joan Fenstermaker

Landlord-Tenant Attorney
Chicago IL
Steve Tinsley
“I come up number one on a regular basis, every day. I used to be on page eight of the Google searches. Now, I come up in the top three of the organic searches.”

Steven Tinsley

Criminal Defense Attorney
Kissimmee FL
Robert Angstadt
“The increase in calls has been dramatic. I covered the cost of the fee within days.”

Robert Angstadt

Divorce Attorney
Citrus Park FL

Robert wanted to rank in the most affluent suburbs of northern Tampa. In his first year with his own solo practice, we got him ranking higher than firms that had been in the area for years.

Jared Frankel
“About 75% of new clients are coming from seeing my reviews in the Top Three.”

Jared Frankel

Divorce Attorney
Ormond Beach FL

Based in Ormond Beach, Florida, Jared wanted to rank in Daytona Beach to the south. We devised a strategy that overcame intense competition and has him ranking even farther than we expected!

Avoid an ADA Lawsuit

Be the Lawyer, Not the Defendant

We’ve partnered with AccessiBe, the leader in AI-powered compliance solutions for websites.

ADA compliance widget
The Internet is for Everyone

The CDC reports some 61 million Americans live with a disability. In 2018, the Department of Justice defined a website as a “public accommodation” that must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. That means your law firm website must offer Accessibility Features for people with visual, cognitive, or mobility impairments.

You know how some lawyers are

Certain law firms have started the egregious practice of sending out demand letters to companies with websites that lack Accessibility Features. They cannot sue for monetary damages but they can collect legal fees. And get this—the plaintiff does not have to be a disabled person who experienced an issue with your website. Yeah, that’s despicable.

It’s the right thing to do

While the risk is low that you could be targeted for a lawsuit, when you have an ADA-Compliant Website you send the message that your law firm accommodates and welcomes everyone. And your opportunistic colleagues can go looking for a non-compliant target . . . like your competitor.

Click the button in the lower left to see the accessiBe compliance widget pop-up in action! Works for desktop and mobile! Used by The Florida Bar and the Office of the Miami-Dade State Attorney

Right now, there are potential clients who can’t learn how awesome you are!
Reach them with an ACCESSIBLE, ADA-COMPLIANT website!
And rank at the top so they can find you.


You work so hard, we want this for you!

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*“How Google’s Local Pack Update has Reshaped the Organic Landscape”
Testimonials are from actual clients. Your experience may vary but high visibility in the Top Three Local Pack puts your law firm in the best possible position to engage potential clients.